If your heating system is not heating or working properly

  • Be sure power switch to furnace is on.
  • Check that blower compartment door is properly aligned and secure.
  • Check for blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.
  • Is your thermostat at the proper setting? (Not the highest possible temperature!)
  • Was the furnace turned off for an extended period of time?
  • Check the fuel source.
  • Keep the furnace set to a comfortable temperature during the entire day. Many times, people turn off their systems when not at home. The system takes some time to begin circulating properly heated air when it has been shut down for a while. Remember that the furnace will not heat your home faster by setting the temperature to its limits! Set the thermostat to the proper temperature for efficient heating.

The thermostat always displays the same information

  • Make sure that your system has not been set to the highest possible temperature. Remember that a system set to a comfortable temperature will heat just as quickly as one set for maximum heat!
  • Was there a recent power outage that may have caused the system to reset itself?
  • Many times a more serious problem has occurred due to a power outage or a lightning strike. If everything else seems normal (room comfort, run time, etc.) and resetting does not restore normal function, the best solution is to call a SmithCo Technician.

Readout on the Digital Thermostat Display is Blank

  • Check to see if the thermostat indicator is switched to the proper setting to activate the display. If this does not work, replace the existing batteries with fresh ones to see if the display functions properly.
  • Some digital thermostats have a “reset” button on the pad. Press this to restore the original settings and-in some cases-the readout.
  • Many times when the thermostat display flashes a repeating message, the batteries need to be replaced. If you find yourself replacing the batteries more than the recommend number of times per year, a short could exist in the control panel.

Furnace Does Not Work

  • Make sure that the control unit is properly programmed to the correct temperature and on “HEAT”. Many times systems need to be programmed differently. Use the owner’s manual to make sure the correct procedures are being followed.
  • If the problem persists, try replacing the batteries in the control unit.
  • Finally, are you on load management through your utility company? Check to see if the green light is displayed on the load management box. If a green light is present, the system should be working properly. If a red light is displayed, the system might have been turned off by the utility company. If there is no light displayed, then you need to call the utility company and a SmithCo Oil Technician.
  • Many times the batteries need to be replaced for the system to properly function. If replacing the batteries and checking to see if the settings are properly set do not work, consult a SmithCo Oil Technician. Also, check with the utility company if the system is not working due to load management.